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Are We Friends?

'Are We Friends?', 2019

A collaborative exhibition by Ellen Cisneros, Wendy Ma (Kaomoji Ceramics) and Lisa Kelly (The Moon Gallery).


Paintings and ceramics form a dialogue between the artists as they evaluate their feelings towards their heritage, identity, relationships and growth.  'Are We Friends?' also birthed the creation of four collaborative works:

a mural, a limited run of prints on linen and two painted ceramic sculptures.

In this series Ellen explores themes of identity, heritage, sexuality and existentialism through painting, drawing and sculpture.  Intimate and confessional in nature, their works encourage us to question both our relationships with others and our relationship with the self... asking us to consider how we feel rather than what we think.

Wendy's ceramic works explore the union between everyday functional ceramic wares and fine art sculptures. Her practice in this series centers on inviting users to consider and personalise an object’s functionality.

Lisa's works include the mediums of gouache, acrylics and gold leaf, moving between mural work and illustration.  Her practice gravitates towards themes of nature and humanity.

'Are We Friends' was presented at Open House Collective in Meanjin, 2019.

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