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Queer My Head

'Queer My Head', 2021

A group exhibition by Ellen Cisneros, Christen Tynan, Jenna Lee, Benjamin J Baker, Alex Creece, Yianni Giovanoglou, Cal Harper, Emma Armstrong-Porter, Steph Amir, Larissa Macfarlane, Billie Parsons, Gemma Horbury, Leisa Prowd, Tsuki, Eman Ezekiel, Tash Atkins, Jeska Stephens, Fox Williams, Ebony Hickey, Cynthia Spleen and Fox Kennedy.

Queer My Head was presented by Midsumma Festival with the support of The Dax Centre & the Australia Council for the Arts.


Producer/Curator: Jaye Hayes

Assistant Curator: Camille Heisler

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